Growing a spirits startup into one of the world’s top vodkas

Our branding and strategic marketing communications work helped a little-known brand explode into the public consciousness.

Case Study


Svedka approached us when they were a humble vodka startup based in an Upper East Side apartment. Yet in a U.S. market flooded with advertising messages for clear spirits, we knew the vodka required an unconventional approach to breakthrough.

The brand’s rise began with a key insight: we would increase sales by positioning Svedka as the largest vodka of the future. Armed with this new position, we set about creating a ironic avant-garde campaign that forced bar accounts in key New York City neighborhoods to envision Svedka as a big, lasting brand. After validating our formula in New York, the Svedka_grl campaign grew regionally, nationally, and then globally – evolving with culturally relevant creative messaging along the way.


With this new strategy, Svedka evolved from a startup with a limited marketing budget into one of the world’s most successful spirit brands. Although our work with Svedka ended after it was purchased by Constellation Beverages in 2007, the iconic brand strategy is still in use. Today the brand is the No. 1 imported vodka and No. 2 vodka overall in the US.