Re-branding an insurance provider with cultural values

Our branding, identity, and communications work for Freelancers Union helped create one of the fastest growing insurance providers of all time.

Case Study

Freelancer’s Union

Working Today, a small insurance provider focused on independent contractors, approached us to rebrand their organization and develop a strategic marketing communications campaign. As the nation’s workforce was changing rapidly, we sensed a historic opportunity.

We conducted in depth interviews with freelancers across America and a unique insight emerged: while these workers needed affordable health care, what they wanted even more was a sense of solidarity. Borrowing from the codes of early 20th century labor organizations, we created the Freelancers Union – an organization dedicated to the many needs of America’s independent workforce beyond merely providing insurance. We developed a strategic marketing, communications, and public relations campaign to get the word out.

freelancers poster

Freelancers Union received national media attention when it launched—the world’s most respected journalists hailed it as the future of employee benefits in an evolving economic landscape. With this media support, as well as a targeted advertising and communications campaign across major U.S. cities, the Freelancers Union became the fastest growing insurance provider in the United States.