Helping an iconic brand regain its cultural swagger

Our integrated marketing and communications work for Ben & Jerry’s helped revitalize the brand and generate billions of earned media impressions.

Case Study

Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s approached us shortly after their consolidation with Unilever to help them reboot after two years of declining sales. While they had been doing everything by the book – focusing on flavors and health trends that were appealing to the U.S. public at the time – something wasn’t working.

As we probed into the brand’s situation, we returned to a familiar question: what’s the doughboy afraid of? The answer, as it had been in the eighties, was counter-cultural capitalism. And somewhere along the way Ben & Jerry’s lost that focus. So we began working with their brand marketing team to get back to their roots from people to product to outward communications.


By getting back to their roots, Ben & Jerry’s course corrected the initial dip in sales. They focused on their core audience, and in doing so developed one of the most engaged social media followings of any brand.  Through ideological product launches and innovative communications such as Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream and the Fair Tweets campaign, the brand consistently generates billions of extremely positive earned media impressions.