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We help organizations achieve iconic recognition through the practice of cultural branding.

We believe that brands become icons by expressing an ideology or shared set of ideals about how society should be. From the counter-cultural capitalism of Ben & Jerry’s to Google’s academic purism, ideologies give products the emotional impact they require to resonate on a national and international scale.

We help established brands stand out in a crowded media landscape.


While big media buys are the industry standard, we help brands raise their public profile through inventive, culturally-rooted communications. Through media-savvy actions that espouse an ideology brands can exponentially increase the sharability of a message.

We help emerging startups gain cultural recognition.

DCX is dedicated to investing in unique emerging businesses that embody strong, relevant ideologies and promote important social goals by helping them with strategic brand positioning and communications to help them achieve cultural leadership and recognition. 

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Guiding Coca-Cola's Top Launch

Our strategic communications work for smartwater helped make the brand’s European launch the Coca-Cola Company’s most successful rollout of 2014.

Growing a spirits startup into one of the world's top vodkas.

Svedka approached us when they were just a startup looking to breakthrough. In a crowded U.S. market flooded with advertising messages for clear spirits we knew we needed an unconventional approach.

See the full case study here.

Helping an iconic brand regain its cultural swagger.

Ben & Jerry’s approached is shortly after their consolidation with Unilever to help them course correct after two years of declining sales. While they had been sticking to time-tested tactics – focusing on flavors and health trends that were appealing to the U.S. public at the time – something wasn’t working.

See the full case study here.

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“Locally Sourced Vegetarian Citrus Fizz? $5.99. Grass Fed Himalayan Tuna Salad? That'll be $9.99. Taking gentrification and a rent hike into your own hands? Priceless.”
- National Public Radio

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“What is coffee flour? Only a brilliant alternative for you and the environment.”
- Upworthy

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Cultural Strategy

To learn more about our process, you can check Doug’s book, aptly titled Cultural Strategy.

We have worked with many of the world’s leading brands and non-profits to put this process to use and achieve rapid success.


Our recent work has been featured by NPR, The Guardian, The New York Times and many other fine publications.

To get in touch with press inquiries, please contact us at: press@dcx.com

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